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     Time required
  Several hours

  Sliced mackerel
  Salt(twenty percent of weight of a fish)
 A larger plate
  ①Salt is put in to such an extent that it extends thinly on the plate whole surface.
Since it attaches also upwards, it leaves salt half.
  ②Mackerel is put on salt.   ③The salt put in on mackerel as the point is sprinkled to the extent that the whole fish hides.
  ④Salt is rubbed into a fish.   ⑤Salt is rubbed into the whole fish, and it puts into a refrigerator, and makes it get used for several hours.   ⑥The fish taken out from the refrigerator is washed quickly with water, and moisture is wiped off.
  【Addition】The surface will become light brown if a fish is broiled several minutes in oven.   【Addition】It is grilled salted mackerel baking completion.    
  grilled salted mackerel was able to be made very easily.
And it was surprised that moisture has come out in the refrigerator more than imagination.The strength of salt was felt.
When taking out moisture with a refrigerator, it may be good to carry out a little plate aslant. It seems that it will become very delicious if slightly higher salt is used although it is from Internet-based information.
Otherwise, in Kansai, the pressed sushi using fresh grilled salted mackerel seems to be famous, and various recipes are likely to spread fromgrilled salted mackerel.