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     ■Time required
  1 hour

 ■ Material
  Milk 1liter
  Lemon juice Tablespoon 4
 Larger bamboo  basket
  ①Milk is put into a pan and heated till the place which is likely to be boiled.※It is not made to boil absolutely.   ②Fire is stopped, lemon juice is thrown in and it is neglected for a while.   ③If it dissociates, it will further be neglected until it mixes calmly and dissociates firmly.
  ④Larger bamboo basket and a ball are prepared, and a dishcloth is covered with and exceeded to bamboo basket.   ⑤The cheese and milk serum which were done in the clean container are divided and put in.
  These comment
"Milk serum is delicious"! "cheese can make so easily"
It was serious to have made cottage cheese and to have judged the place which is likely to be boiled.
Moreover, since separation was not necessarily completed immediately, it needed to wait for separation patiently.
Although finally strained through a dishcloth, there is much quantity of milk serum more than imagination.
Seemingly, nutritive value will be very high although it will seemingly be called whey in English.It is said that cheese is further made from this whey in Italy, and is also in the materials of a protein supplement something.
Of course, it is said that it becomes the optimal material for bread or the production of a cake. It is very delicious although drunk!Now, on the relation which put in lemon juice by eye measure since there was no measuring spoon this time although it was a way of cheese, although acidity became strong somewhat, to be sure, it was cheese.
Affinity with bread was also the highest.