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 ■Time required
  It is based on foods
  Pork (ribs)
 Cooking sheet
 Cherry tree chip
 Frying pan
  ①A pan is covered with aluminum foil, and it covers with a cherry tree chip on it, and carries a net.   ②Pork is put in a smoker.
This time, a Vienna sausage and cheese were also put in for an addition.
  ③A smoke is carried out over high heat until smoke comes out.
Next, it applies over a medium fire for 10 minutes.
Fire is stopped and it steams for 10 minutes.
  ④If the cherry tree chip in inside becomes deep-black, it will be changed.
  ⑤The smoke of the cheese is carried out at 50 to 80 ℃ for 20 minutes, and it is completion.   ⑥The smoke of the Vienna sausage is carried out at 60 to 90 ℃ for 40 minutes, and it is completion.
  ⑦The smoke of the pork is carried out at 140 to 180 ℃ for 2 hours, and it is completion.        
  Although smoked fish was made from the smoker this time, anything is possible if smoke can be shut up. It is important to wait for smoke to stand gradually for the first time by low heat. Cheese is early done very much in about 20 minutes.There was the taste of usual cheese, and the taste different for a while, and it was delicious.There was the taste of usual cheese, and the taste different for a while, and it was delicious.
Next, the Vienna sausage was made.
By using smoked fish, the surface made it overall smartly, and inside was made very juicily.
And the smoked fish of the pork of this purpose was made.
Since it was from uncooked meat, the smoke was carried out thoroughly for 2 hours.
It was a very soft and delicious result.
The way of thinking of carrying out the smoke of the foods with smoke.
The wisdom in the direction of old was felt.
Incidentally, smoked fish should not perform these teachings indoors.