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     ■Time required
  1 hour, a half

 ■ Material
  Mandarin orange Seven pieces
  Sugar Tablespoon 4
  Lemon juice Tablespoons 1/2
  Empty bottle
  ①mandarin orange is peeled, and it takes one grain at a time, and puts into a pan.
(Attached the thin layer as)
  ②A mandarin orange and sugar are put in a pan and it applies to fire by low heat.   ③It will remove, if bitter taste comes out, and it boils down, crushing flesh.
  ④If moisture is lost and it dozes off It is completion, when lemon juice is put in and it mixes about 2 minutes.   ⑤The done mandarin orange jam is put in an empty bottle.
Before mandarin orange jam gets cold, it puts into a bottle.
  ⑥If a lid is closed strongly, reverse will be used immediately and it will cool.
It is completion now.
   "Mandarin orange jam" was chosen out of not having eaten and the time which tackled having been winter.
Although boiled with the thin layer, since it did not come seemingly to be jam very much, it was worried, but thickness came out little by little and there has been the good scent.
The result was very best, when eaten only with jam, it was bitter-tasting, but when it attaches to bread and eats, it is an exactly good taste, and it obtained very deliciously.
It is delicious even if it puts into tea. This point is a bottle.
Since jam itself is heated, there is no problem, but it is a point of mothballing how the various germs currently attached to the bottle are lost.
It is necessary to sterilize by boiling and to put in jam immediately.
Moreover, the state near a vacuum is built with using reverse immediately, and it becomes a measure against various germs in the air.