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     ■Time required
  30 minutes

 ■ Material
  Two Japanese radishes
 bamboo sieve
  ①A Japanese radish is cut to two upper and lower sides.   ②What was cut up and down is carried out comparatively 8.
  ③It leaves the head about 2 cm, it is cut, and it is made two forks.
  ④The Japanese radish Cut is covered over a hanger.
  ⑤One more Japanese radish is julienned.   ⑥The Japanese radish which julienned is opened to bamboo sieve.
  ⑦solar drying is carried out for 1~2 weeks, respectively. It is completion when drying.        
   Although cooked dried strips of radish were not foods eaten not much, it knew this time that it could do simply.If a drier is put in and saved at a zip lock etc., about one year is OK at normal temperature. however, if dryness is insufficient, it will mold owing to moisture please let me dry thoroughly, since that is right until it becomes Caracalla.Although I think that it learned by study, it is decided by moisture whether it can save or not.