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 Present-day we have made almost no preserved food.It is because it became unnecessary to save food in each individual. It is because it will be the time of obtaining anything if it goes by development of a means of transport, the spread of refrigerators, etc. to a nearby supermarket.
In this it "being a challenge to the production of preserved food", we who have not done even cooking are the actually challenged records, after acquiring the knowledge about preserved food.
There were also many things which it actually makes and it not only learned, but are felt.
And what was made from itself is felt delicious.
This time, five kinds were made for every field of food. The seen direction should also challenge the production of preserved food.
It is impressed to have established the method of saving food in order that people may live. Hope impression of the more than studied at this site is obtained.

 ⇒ It challenges with vegetables
 ⇒ It challenges with fruit
 ⇒ It challenges with meat
 ⇒ It challenges with dairy products
 ⇒ t challenges with fish and shellfishes