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 There is much food in our personal appearance.
It often came to see especially preserved food also in it in a convenience store, a supermarket, etc. after the Great East Japan Earthquake which happened on March 11, 2011.
We wanted to have known that the preserved food currently eaten casually usually used to be borne by an old person's wisdom, and to know in more detail what kind of preserved food what kind of history is there and there is now, and decided that we would make this site.

  Many information gathering was carried out about preserved food for this site work. Those who look at a site could also learn happily, and it was able to devise and make so that one could also investigate happily.
 The head was afflicted very much to make a site so that it might be transmitted intelligibly about preserved food. Although there were also many points of having suffered troubles and there were, it has made for me who like eating, enjoying itself.
 Although not known in detail about preserved food before this site work, while investigating, it found the wonderfulness of preserved food. It came to reserve the preserved food for disasters taking advantage of this in my house.