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 The principle which can be saved now by carrying out a smoke is complex, and is a rational method of preservation.When carrying out a smoke, the smoke which comes out has an effect which reduces putrefactive bacteria or it kills.Simultaneously with it, if a smoke is carried out, existence of the resin film made into food will also be large, and will prevent penetration of the various germs from the outside.
 Moreover, before carrying out a smoke, preserving in salt is used with almost all food.
This is for carrying out a smoke efficiently except for excessive moisture.Moreover, the work dried after completing also heightens an effect.Preservation by salt and preservation by dryness are also performed simultaneously in many cases.
 It not only changes into the state which can be saved for a long period of time the foods over which it is easy to mourn, but it is effective in the ability to enjoy the texture and taste different from usually by carrying out a smoke.
■Appetite is increased by aromatization and coloring.
 The luster and color of foods are taken out, and when eating, there is work which promotes appetite, because a scent ingredient original with smoked fish reaches.

■Saumure liquid
 This liquid indispensable to making smoke-dried food. It is the thing of salt water which added the seasoning and the spice. Since it is salt water, a storage effect is heightened at the same time the taste permeates uniformly by seasoning with liquid.
 The technology which carries out a smoke with the smoke obtained when it entered and dries at the Muromachi period and the firewood "baikan" is burned to a bonito was introduced, and the dried bonito was made.A dried bonito is the first smoke-dried food in Japan to be made.
 It is said that it is the beginning of smoked fish that the smoke of the meat was carried out to the time when human beings were still living at the cave, with the smoke of the bonfire which will warm itself if the meat captured by hunting is hung on the ceiling of the cave.It is said that it was profiting by what carried out the smoke of the meat as food of winter.