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 It dries and saves food. The same with using fire for human beings, when carrying out food processing, it can be imagined that it was probably very big discovery. Why can it save by drying? That is because putrefactive bacteria, such as a microbe, cannot work if there is no moisture. Therefore, foods can be saved now by building the environment where it annot be made to be able to dry and a microbe cannot make a living.
 If it learns a little more nearly specially, the amount of moisture in foods is related to a rotten cause. The place which a microbe can move actively is called "free water." "Free water" refers to the moisture child in which connection with food is very weak. Free water can be decreased by making it dry, and food can be saved for a long time by losing the place of activity of the bacillus leading to rotten. It can perform drying foods, even if it does not apply time and effort. Therefore, it has been utilized as a method that the foods made simply for an old person can be saved. And the dry technique artificially made at the time 150 years ago was invented, it became after the Second World War, and dry technology improved quickly.
■Condense an ingredient! A taste is also condensed!
 Since the ingredient of food is condensed by dryness, a taste not only increases, but it becomes food with high nutritive value.

■Conveyance is also comfortably!
 By extracting moisture, mass also becomes light and it not only can save it now, but conveyance becomes very easy
 With the one day book of the four seasons, it has saved by having dried wild grass, such as bracken, and green stuff and fish and shellfishes by the strong sunlight and wind of air and the beach where winter dried rich Sankai's happiness. It cut using the cold, rice cake was dried, and it dried, and was making rice cake past the New Year. The preserved food by various dryness is seen all over the country. It is written that there were what dried a sardine and small fish as processed goods made those days, and a thing which made the crucian carp cutting the back open, and was used as the dried food in the wooden tablet of the Heian period.
 In the area dry like Europe, vegetables and fruit have been saved as a dry herb or dried fruit. A grape and plain cultivation prospered in the south Caucasus area (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) around B.C. 6000. At this time, dryness also showed that the taste and sweet taste became strong. The raisin which dried the grape spread throughout the West by the ancient Feni cure people and Egyptians.