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 It is because microbes of the cause over which foods rot or it mourns, such as bacteria, mold, yeast, increase as putrefactive bacteria. Since there is character to take not only the foods themselves but moisture of putrefactive bacteria in salt, it becomes impossible for putrefactive bacteria to make a living, and comes to be able to carry out mothballing of the foods. Furthermore, there are not only the effect that kills putrefactive bacteria but various effects in salt.
 For example, before performing smoked fish, it preserves in salt on meat. By using preserving in salt, the mineral contained in salt pulls out the taste which meat has, and there is an effect made more delicious. There is various power in salt.
■ Salt cures a hangover!
 The cause of a hangover is accumulated in the inside of the body, without the ability of liver to decompose alcohol. Salt helps work of the liver.

■ Cure constipation!
Salt improves a motion of intestines!
 There was technology of saving food with salt, from the Nara period. The dried food of the fish was used as a gift to a court those days. However, since it saved only by the method of strengthening salt and drying it to inside in order to improve preservability those days, it was salty and hard food. Since circulation is developed, a low-salt dried food is possible at present half a lifetime.
 Preserved food using the salt in the world Meat, a fish, and vegetables were already saved in Europe medieval times using salt. Moreover, Jesus Christ is also letting pupils know paying attention to the preservability of salt. Especially, in Portugal of Great Navigation Age, salt Dara's trade stimulated development of a fishing and the salt industry. This is because the technology which makes the artificial pond (salt farm) which makes salt progressed and the quantity of production of salt increased. a result preserving in salt it led to increase of the quantity of production of a fish, and saved people of various parts of Europe from starvation.