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 Since preserved food is saved over several years from several months, it means the food in which processing and processing were carried out so that it might not decompose.First of all, since food reservation corresponds to special conditions, such as a difficult district, ocean navigation, and war, for a long period of time at winter or the dry season, preserved food may be called wisdom of the life which people have devised.It becomes a point of preservation how it is made for it not to breed putrefactive bacteria that it can say also in ancient times or the present age.
 Beginning was made from manual labor and handmade one, and preserved food was devised so that it could save for a natural material using various phenomena of a nature. The preserved food of such a time has the recipe and dish which specialized in the method of preservation, and has built original gastronomic culture for every area.
 Then, preserved food progressed by leaps and bounds by the appearance of bottling or canned foodAnd the preserved food which a refrigerator came to spread and used refrigeration technology appeared, and also it accomplished progress.It can say it also as preserved food that even a pouch-packed food and space foods are continuing evolving in a broad field also after that.
 It is a factor that microbes of the cause over which food rots or it mourns, such as bacteria, mold, yeast, cling and increase. However, it is not called the cause by which all the microbes decompose food. Some which promote fermentation have lactic acid bacteria, a yeast fungus, etc. As for the same principle, what has damage to man is fermentation, and decomposition or fermentation fundamentally useful at decomposition.
 In Japan, fish and shellfishes have been eaten by grain, and vegetables and fruit from ancient times. The preserved food about these foods has been produced by that. Even if grain does not give processing of what since its moisture decreases as it ripens, it can be saved for several years at normal temperature.That seasonings, such as bean paste and soy sauce, progressed is no one but which has faced grain race also. Since fruit was the culture which is harvested and is eaten as it is, at least the dried persimmon was treated as preserved food. Vegetables and fish and shellfishes remain as various preserved food in various places. Although there were many methods of preservation outstanding in Japan, the method of drying, drying especially, and using as preserved food progressed all over the country.
 The preserved food about stock farming progressed in Europe etc. The technology of saving dairy products, such as cheese, bacon, the technology of drying and saving meat,such as meat, etc. have developed in connection with changing from hunting to stock farming.Moreover, the food using flour, such as bread, a biscuit, and Cookie, is eaten traditionally, and the processing technology of fruit, such as burning dried fruit on bread, and being crowded on it, or spreading and eating jam on it, also progressed.
 Then, the old person fixed his eyes on the high sterilizing properties contained in spices.
A bad smell is removed in spices and there is an effect of making it feeling it delicious or promoting appetite in them. Moreover, it was effective in controlling the strong food and putrid odor of a smell, and there was also a thing with preservation from decay or a bactericidal effect in inside, and it was used when saving food. Moreover, it believed that a disease was extermination with the peculiar scent of spices, and there were also many uses currently burned as a scent. Pepper was especially precious so that there was also a time when it could deal with in gold and homogeneous quantity, or ten slaves could employ in a handful.
 Present-day preserved food is not saved for a natural material using various phenomena of a nature, but it enables it to save it by technical capabilities. Preservation technique has accomplished various progress after establishment of the method of preservation by bottling, canned food, and freezing. The work is carried out so that various foods, such as being able to save for a long period of time, without missing the taste of food by carrying out flash freezing, or performing vacuum freezing processing, using as a freeze-dried food the dish cooked beforehand, and processing it, may be eaten simply with good appetite.